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Our team is here to answer any questions you may have about factoring and our expert approach. Below, you’ll find helpful resources about our firm and its factoring services.

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Understanding Factoring

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What to Expect When Applying

  • Our approval process

    Onboarding is a multi-step process that helps our firm form the most efficient factoring relationship for its clients. The approval process provides a thorough overview of what an applicant can expect after they submit an application before its first funding.

  • Documentation Request

    Once a proposal is issued to an applicant, we request the following documents in this documentation request.

  • Understanding our proposals (calculator)

    With a proposal (also called an Expression of Interest letter) in hand, prospects can use this resource to understand the best estimate of actual dollars that factoring can provide. We also include a list of terms that are used in our documents.

Applying for our Services