Our Team  

  • Ivan T. Baker portrait

    Ivan T. Baker


  • Chris S. Youmans portrait

    Chris S. Youmans


  • Nicholas J. Pittas portrait

    Nicholas J. Pittas

    National Sales Manager

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  • Dylan Brown portrait

    Dylan Brown

    Account Executive

  • Balbina Castillo portrait

    Balbina Castillo

    Account Executive

  • Vicente Castillo portrait

    Vicente Castillo

    Account Executive

  • Wanda Crum portrait

    Wanda Crum

    Account Executive

  • Claudia DePierre portrait

    Claudia DePierre

    Client Services Representative

  • Kim Doss portrait

    Kim Doss

    Senior Credit Analyst

  • Peggy Dlugozima portrait

    Peggy Dlugozima

    Sales and Onboarding Coordinator

  • Alina Hall portrait

    Alina Hall

    Marketing Communications Specialist

  • David Hanson portrait

    David Hanson


  • Tim Johnson portrait

    Tim Johnson

    Business Development Officer

  • Brock Johnston portrait

    Brock Johnston

    Account Executive

  • Nancy Kalman portrait

    Nancy Kalman

    Senior Business Development Officer

  • Judy Lavieri portrait

    Judy Lavieri

    Administrative Assistant

  • Carol Lott portrait

    Carol Lott

    Accounting Department

  • Mark S. Mandula portrait

    Mark S. Mandula

    Senior Vice President

  • Carla Merrick​ portrait

    Carla Merrick​

    Collections Manager

  • Sandy Mills portrait

    Sandy Mills

    Accounting Department

  • Yuriy Ordinat portrait

    Yuriy Ordinat

    Account Executive

  • Matt Perkins portrait

    Matt Perkins

    Regional Business Development

  • Barbara Pryor portrait

    Barbara Pryor

    Client Services Representative

  • Neisha Pereira portrait

    Neisha Pereira

    Vice President, West Region

  • Joshua Register portrait

    Joshua Register

    Business Development Officer

  • Shannon Russell portrait

    Shannon Russell

    Collections Specialist

  • Brittney Telepak portrait

    Brittney Telepak

    Account Executive

  • Linda Tondreault portrait

    Linda Tondreault

    Accounting Department

  • Renee (Setzer) Tyack portrait

    Renee (Setzer) Tyack

    Vice President of Sales of Capital Plus

  • Lori Tucker portrait

    Lori Tucker

    Account Executive

  • Joe Yannazzone portrait

    Joe Yannazzone

    Loan Manager

  • Jennifer Youmans portrait

    Jennifer Youmans

    Account Executive

  • Stephanie Ypil portrait

    Stephanie Ypil

    Account Executive