The Competitive Advantage

  • Fast processing. Pre-approval is completed within one business day.
  • Choose your invoices. We allow you to choose which invoices you’d like to factor, allowing you to have complete control of your working capital. 
  • Your time in business is not an issue. Most clients qualify for our services even if they are a young startup company. You may even be able to improve your personal credit rating by using our services.

Simple, Transparent Fees

  • An innovative five-day fee schedule. The industry standard for a fee structure is 30 days, which means you have less flexibility in how your fee is applied. Our five-day fee structure lets you pay for the funds used, when they’re used. We also calculate your fee based on your funding date, versus our competitors who charge from the earlier invoice date.
  • Low fees: You will typically only encounter two types of  fees – a fee for the cost of the capital and a banking fee (ACH or wire transfer charge). Our fees are drastically lower than the industry average, according to Pepperdine Graziadio Business School’s 2019 Private Capital Markets Project. This keeps your total costs down and your invoice cycle efficient. The chart below details the average fee structure for the industry compared to our competitive pricing, this does not include fees related to the cost of capital.
Industry Average FeeUC Funding Fees
Application Fee$250$0
Due Diligence Fees$300$0
Credit Checking$170$0
Invoice Processing$0
Wire Transfer / ACH Fees$23$20 – $30
Filing Fees$100$0
UCC Search$100$0
Account Setup$350$0
Line Fee$0
Lockbox Fee$100$0
Same-day Funding Fee$33$0
$1,426$20 – $30

The industry average fee is based off of the 2019 Private Capital Markets Project, click here to view this report – the numbers above can be found on page 90. As part of our strategic partnership with First Horizon, Iberia Bank, and Capital Bank, United Capital Funding absorbs all ACH or EFT fees for current clients of First Horizon, Iberia Bank, and Capital Bank. 

Nationally Recognized Services

  • Reduce the time and cost you spend on credit approvals, collections and debt. We take the responsibility of recovering payments on outstanding invoices, which will free up you time to concentrate on your business.
  • Access reports at any time. Our clients have access to thorough reporting of their invoices and transactions, all at no extra cost and available at any time.
  • Credit investigation for your customers. We help you predict a customer’s ability to pay promptly. This will help you avoid slow-paying and nonpaying customers. We act as a credit manager for your business and can provide credit/delinquency scores and recommend credit limit for each prospect or client.
  • Credit insurance on a prospect or client. We absorb the entire cost of credit insuring any client or prospect, including any deductible exposure. Our access to major credit insurers provides us access to information to ensure the lowest possible level of credit losses possible.
  • Comprehensive accounts receivable management. With your direction, our firm contacts your clients to ensure the DSO remains compliant with the terms granted. This increases the efficiency of your invoice cycle.
  • Progressive relationship. Our clients have the ability to increase our total funding relationship on an ongoing, immediate basis. Unlike a bank, we are able to increase our funding in step with your growth, without the need to reapply, pay a fee, or other inconveniences that come with an onboarding process.
  • Professional management of your accounts receivables. We are happy to provide you a list of our clients and references that can confirm our professional approach. Being bank owned, our policies and procedures are under constant scrutiny of the bank examiners. This results in a more professional approach with customers.

Does my business qualify?

Clients of United Capital Funding include businesses that have…
  • Final sale invoices to another business or government entity (not consumer sales)
  • Sales from $20,000 to $5,000,000 monthly – including startups and companies with historical losses.
  • Capital needs to allow them to grow in their industry.
  • Limited collateral other than commercial invoices.

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