Approval Process  

Learn about the stages of United Capital Funding’s approval process using the green arrows to the right of each stage to expand. Exact order may vary by company and situation.

  • Step 1: Submit an Application

    Click here to get started with our simple and secure online application.

  • Step 2: Introductory Call

    Our sales team will reach out for an introductory call, where we will learn more about your business, its funding needs, and cover any additional information needed before issuing a proposal.

  • Step 3: Proposal

    If pre-approved, United Capital Funding will present a proposal to you along with several helpful resources to better understand how our financial solution will reflect in your cash flow cycle.

  • Step 4: Underwriting

    With a signed proposal, we proceed with a legal agreement and prepare you for underwriting. Our team will keep you informed of any additional documents that may be needed. If you have existing liens against your company, this is the stage where we work with your previous lenders to resolve all issues. United Capital Funding must be in first position to fund. (Read: Subordinating an SBA Lien) Upon completion of underwriting, we make a final decision. If approved and if signed legal documents are in place, we move into the final step.

  • Step 5: Client Onboarding

    At this stage, you are introduced to your account executive who will walk you through the steps to submit your first invoice(s) and required backup documentation to begin funding. We will also provide an onboarding guide for you to keep on hand. From this point forward, you can track all account activity using our online account management system, CADENCE.