Utilizing Commercial Factoring In B2B Companies

As a B2B, or a business providing a product and or service to other businesses, you rely on payments being made on time. But the reality is that sometimes you can be waiting for payment for who knows how long. This isn’t an ideal strategy for a growing company. You need your money and can’t wait weeks or months for it, but you have no other choice. Or do you? United Capital Funding is here to help! With the use of commercial factoring, we are ready to help your B2B company grow beyond expectations. Don’t wait anymore for the money you deserve.

How Does Commercial Factoring Work?

Commercial factoring is a straightforward concept. As a B2B company, your line of work focuses on providing goods or services to another business. With these dealings come an amount of accounts receivable. To continue, accounts receivable are outstanding invoices that a client needs to pay. Before the amount is paid however, these accounts receivable do not benefit the company’s growth.

The process begins with you providing us a copy of the invoice. In a short amount of time, we review all necessary information and process your request. Once approved, you’ll receive up to 80% of your money within a few days. At this stage, UCF works as your accounts receivables department and services the invoice. Once your client pays the entirety of the invoice, you receive the rest. Minus our professional fee of course. See? Simple.

There are no maximum times you can use our services, UCF is always open to those who need us. With that in mind, what’s keeping you from helping your company?

Commercial Factoring ≠ Bank Line Of Credit

Contrary to belief, commercial factoring is not the same as a bank line of credit. You sell your accounts receivable to us and we give you the amount, minus a service fee, once the client pays in full. A bank line of credit, on the other hand, is a potentially unlimited amount of money that you pay off regularly. Lines of credit can end badly if your payments aren’t on time. It’s only smart for your business to choose factoring instead.

Grow Your Business With Commercial Factoring

To grow your B2B enterprise, you need to use every option available. The best option to ensure this is by choosing commercial factoring. With this in mind, contact United Capital Funding without delay! To ask our professionals any questions, you can always call at (866)647-2680 or email us at [email protected].

On the other hand, if you’re interested in factoring, don’t be afraid to sign up for a free consultation. Ready to begin your process? You can always begin your application here. As stated before, you’ll know if you’re approved within a day. Help your business by factoring with UCF.