How Commercial Factoring Can Benefit Your Company

When times are hard on your business, it’s time to look for an alternative. Luckily, there are several different ways to help your business in its hour of need. Thanks to the work at United Capital Funding, we’re able to help clients get their cash and use it to improve business. But how? With commercial factoring! Find out more about commercial factoring and how you can use our services to benefit you in this trying time.

What Is Commercial Factoring?

And, how can it help you anyways? Essentially, commercial factoring is a company purchasing your accounts receivable so you can turn them into capital. This capital can then be used to run your business. It may sound scary to newcomers, but it’s all fairly simple. And, more importantly, it’s nothing like a loan. Here are the simple steps United Capital Funding follows:

  • Step 1: You provide a copy of the invoice to United Capital Funding.
  • Step 2: UCF pays you up to 80% of the invoice in cash.
  • Step 3: United Capital acts as your accounts receivables department and services the invoice. No matter if you’re B2B or B2G, we’re here to help.
  • Step 4: Your client pays 100% of the invoice to United Capital Funding at our secure lockbox facility.
  • Step 5: United Capital Funding pays you the remaining balance. Minus a small professional fee, of course.

Thankfully, commercial factoring (or accounts receivable factoring) is different from a traditional bank line of credit. This process focuses on the trustworthiness of your customers’ credit, not just your company’s. You do not have to worry about narrowed credit availability due to credit cycles, economic volatility, or market fluctuations. Additionally, commercial factoring eliminates the long approval process that you experience with loans. At United Capital Funding, we have the dedication to getting you the working capital you require to run your business.

So, in the end, we don’t receive payment until you get all of your cash. But you get most of your money within a business week. Sounds much better than waiting weeks or even months for payment, right? Get the money you already worked for with the help of United Capital Funding.

How Can Commercial Factoring Help Your Business?

Businesses thrive when they have the available funding to grow. With the extra capital, you can cover employee salaries, operating expenses, and can purchase needed inventory or equipment to continue business activity. This speeds up the collection process for your accounts receivable and removes the pressure to follow up on the invoices.

UCF takes that responsibility when you choose to incorporate commercial factoring. Factoring increases your capacity to deal with other business issues and allows your company to grow without waiting for invoices. If they ever are paid. At the end of the day, you only pay for the factored invoices, and there is no minimum requirement. Do you, your business, and employees a favor—and factor.

Grow Your Business

At UCF, we want to see your business grow. Our goal is to help you achieve your business goals however we can. Obtain a quote online, or call us for a quote at 866.647.2680 and see how United Capital can make the difference for you. If you have any questions for us as well, we’re happy to help. Add commercial factoring to your way of life, and let’s work together on making your company better than before.