Selling Receivables vs. Loans: The True Winner

Life is a bunch of twists and turns. One moment your business could be on top of the world, and the next you’ve never been lower. Especially when you’re stuck waiting on your paycheck for weeks or months, paying the bills seems impossible. At this point, most people would consider a loan. Although, this isn’t the only option! More and more companies are selling receivables as an alternative, but which is truly better? Take it from the professionals, we know who the true winner is. And by the time we’re done, so will you.

Selling Receivables Are NOT Loans!

If you’re an avid reader of our blog, you know we’ve said this in the past. Namely, How a Factoring Loan is NOT a Loan. If you’re new, let’s summarize. Although, don’t get us wrong. Loans are a wonderful resource that has helped out many, many people. But loans also have their downsides.

Loans often feel like a last resort, a struggle for money that leaves you feeling more confused than before. Then interest follows you like a dog nipping at your heels and as time goes on, it feels endless. Selling receivables aren’t like this. And if you’re a B2B or B2G company, United Capital Funding is here to help!

Okay, So How Does Selling Receivables Work?

If you’re new to the field, you probably aren’t sure about what a ‘receivable’ is. Specifically, we’re referring to accounts receivables, the outstanding invoices waiting for payment. And you know, waiting on this money can take a long time. Usually, weeks or even months of waiting to see a dime. This way of running a business can go south in a money struggle. But as a factoring company, that’s where we come in.

UCF has a very specific and simple role. We buy these accounts receivables, which helps your business profits. By selling us your accounts receivables, you don’t have to wait on that money anymore. We take the copy you give us and give you at least 80% of the cash. Working as your accounts receivables department, we’ll handle the rest by having your client pay us. Once the bill is paid in full, you’ll receive the remaining amount minus our fee.

In the end, there’s no hidden fees, and you don’t have to keep paying off a stubborn loan. That sounds like a knockout!

Selling Receivables With UCF

Selling receivables will save you in a pinch and it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Stop panicking about money and factor your accounts receivables with United Capital Funding. If you have any questions for us beforehand, call us at 866.647.2680 or send an email to Sign up for a free consultation or apply today at no cost to begin your process!