Grow With One Of The Biggest Factoring Companies

If you’re not careful, your accounts receivables can really begin to build up. Waiting to receive your money is as good as having no money. Getting that money now can do wonders for your company, but how is that possible? Factoring of course! But there’s a lot you need to do beforehand. Finding yourself the right factoring company can be a real hassle. No need to look any further. Get help from one of the biggest factoring companies out there. Contact United Capital Funding to get what you’re owed.

What Is A Factoring Company?

As a B2B or B2G company, you could have a number of accounts receivables waiting to be paid. This is a great sign that you’re doing business, but not so great for your pocketbook. You spend months waiting and waiting for clients to send you your hard-earned money. As a result, it’s not easy to grow. You need that money now.

It’s time to do something with these accounts receivables you might not have ever thought of: sell them! But how do you start? How does it work?

  • To begin, it’s time to find the best and biggest factoring company around. Luckily, United Capital Funding is the right choice for you.
  • Next, you provide a copy of the invoice to UCF. No amount is too big or little for us to handle.
  • Once you become approved, we pay you 80-90% of the invoice within a matter of days.
  • When your client pays us in full, we pay you the remaining 10-20% balance minus a small professional fee. It’s quite a simple process!

Factoring these funds can push your company into exponential growth. Get the money you deserve today.

What Makes Us One Of The Biggest Factoring Companies?

Factoring can work for most industries, so don’t feel as if you’re out in the cold. UCF does our part by extending to multiple fields. Because we do more than one kind of factoring, we help more industries with funding. There are six of the industries we serve:

United Capital Funding is a subsidiary of Gulf Coast Bank & Trust Company. Gulf Coast is an FDIC-insured commercial bank. Meaning, we don’t rely on financing from outside sources and therefore, can charge you lower fees.

Get Ahold Of One Of The Biggest Factoring Companies

Help your company out today with one of the biggest factoring companies around. Call UCF toll free at 866.647.2680 to get the process started. If you rather interact online, please feel free to grab a quick quote from us. You deserve to have your money as soon as possible, so why not call UCF? We can’t wait to hear from you.