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Government Invoice Factoring

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Landing a government contract is a dream come true for many small to mid-sized businesses. It can be the difference between simply holding your own in the market and being able to plan on expansion and getting into new markets. Government contracts can be complicated because they often require large outlays before you ever get paid. That's why government invoice factoring is a vital service to many companies who do business with government institutions. 

The Advantages

Companies provide sales or services to varying levels of the government from local to federal. This includes manufacturing jobs, supplying staff, completing IT services and providing security or janitorial services.

The benefits of a government contract include the following

  • Guaranteed work and confidence that the buyer, the government, is not going to default on their payment of the account
  • Becoming more familiar with the bid submission process, and you also gain insight into what to include when writing your next bid.
  • If you are providing personnel, you can also be sure they will be working in safe, regulated environments.
  • And you also have the advantage of having the contract renewed, something that is essential to long-term business growth.

The Challenges

However, it isn’t long into the contract that a small business starts to discover that doing business with the government has its own unique set of challenges. They should know the terms of the invoice prior to taking on the job, and there can be real challenges in getting payment on time.

At United Capital Funding, we work with businesses of all sizes across the nation with government contracts. Our team of experts understand the difficulties of these types of contracts where election years, holidays, government shutdowns or even votes can hold up or delay payments for days, weeks or longer.

The United Capital Funding Option

While a business owner may consider a bank loan as their only option, new business owners don't have the same possibility. Even for an established business with a great credit rating the bank loan option can take weeks or months to provide the funding, which can leave your business scrambling to make payroll, buy supplies, or to simply cover operating costs.

By choosing the option of factoring, your business can receive about 80% of your government invoice within a few days. We send the remaining 20% once the invoice is paid after deducting our pre-arranged fees. Transparent, simple and streamlined, this is the most effective way to get working capital once you have invoiced the government agency.

With our extensive experience in working with local, municipal, state and federal government agencies, approval can be completed within two business day of submitting your online application. Our experts can answer your questions and ensure you understand the process. We will also ensure that all of our receivables funding will be in full compliance with regulations including applicable Federal Acquisition Regulations and the Assignment of Claims Act.

It is important to work with a factor that has experience with government contracts. Our industry experts can provide valuable information to your business, plus we have extensive experience in working with the various government agencies, providing seamless service to our clients.

Use Government Invoice Factoring

To get started, call United Capital Funding today or apply online at no cost. We will walk you through the application process, and make sure you are fully informed of what to expect and when the funds will be in your account. To get started, contact our government invoice factoring specialists today at 877-894-8232.

What Makes US Different

We are experts in helping businesses and contractors that provide products and services to the government (Federal, State, Local, Municipal) grow, fund payroll and prosper.

Most businesses working for the government don’t have a lot of fixed assets, like machinery or inventory. And most lenders don’t understand that one of your largest and most valuable assets is your accounts receivables or invoices that you have sent to the government or your joint venture partner for the time worked and billed, or the product that you supplied the government. We do!

We are experts in dealing with all facets of government work, including, but not limited to, working with your CO, documentation requirements like Notice of Assignment and Assignment of Claim forms. Due to our nearly 15 years of government experience, we are able to do what most banks wouldn’t even consider; use your government invoices as the only collateral for working capital you need to run and grow your business. We can do this even if you are a “start up” an 8(a) contractor, or have had a recent history of a less than profitable performance.

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