Factoring Government Contracts: How It Works

You finally landed a government contract! This is great news for your business—until you’re left waiting for the payment to actually roll in. Forget waiting! There’s another option available. Factoring government contracts can lead to more increased growth than waiting ever will. But how does the whole thing work? Where does one begin? At United Capital Funding we buy your government contracts so your business can grow.

Advantages Of Factoring Government Contracts

So, what’re the advantages of factoring government contracts? Government contracts themselves can be a consistent flow of cash for your business. Even one contract can lead to more in the future. However, sometimes this money can take time to get in your hands. To address this timing issue, the biggest advantage of factoring government contracts is getting your money within days.

Additionally, during certain times such as election years, policy changes, or even government shutdowns, being paid can take some time. However, factoring government contracts helps you avoid these messy situations and lets your business continue to flourish.

How It Works

You know that factoring government contracts could be a huge advantage in your company. But how does it all work? With the help of UC Funding, there are three easy steps to the process.

  • Call or apply for government invoice factoring. This is a fast and simple process. Within days, we gather the necessary information to begin fulfilling your request. After all, you deserve to have your money as soon as possible.
  • We process your request. After your initial consultation, our experienced team works to process your request within a day. We have years of experience that enables us to do this quickly. If you compare us to other companies, United Capital Funding can get your approval significantly faster.
  • Get approved and receive your money. Once your application gains approval, you’ll receive your money—usually within a few days. This amount can consist of about 80% of the total amount. The remaining percentage is sent to you once your client pays in full. For our services, UCF takes only a small processing fee from this amount.

We ensure all of our receivables funding is in full compliance with regulations. This, of course, includes all applicable Federal Acquisition Regulations and the Assignment of Claims Act. With our years of experience, UCF is the best option. Choose someone professional to factor your government contracts.

Trust UCF

To begin factoring your government contracts, call United Capital Funding today. We will walk you through the application process, so don’t worry. Our specialists make sure you know what to expect and when the funds will be in your account. To begin, contact our government invoice factoring specialists today at 877-894-8232. We look forward to helping your business grow!