Government Invoice Factoring in 3 Easy Steps

Landing a government contract for any business can be exciting. It means a steady stream of income to support your business. But, because the nature of these contracts is very complicated, it usually takes some time before you will see results. That’s where government invoice factoring comes in. At United Capital Funding, we provide working capital for your business so that that you have the money to operate while you are waiting for your invoices to be paid. We are a simple way to turn your accounts receivable into working capital for your business.

Step 1: Call or Apply For Government Invoice Factoring

The first step in the process is to call us and apply for government invoice factoring. It is a fast, free, and simple. The faster we get your request, the faster we can get you the working capital you need to thrive. We will gather all the information to start the process and you will get your funding within days. A lot of companies will apply for loans which take significantly longer time to get approved. Do not feel like taking out a loan on your only option because you have options. Government invoice factoring is an alternative and is very useful because the approval time is significantly shorter. UC Funding is a more convenient way to ensure your company’s financial future.

Step 2: We Process Your Request

After your initial consultation and we gather the information we need. Our hardworking team gets to work to get your approval with a day. We have experience with these types of contracts so we know how to get you approved in no time. When you compare government invoice factoring to the time it takes to get a loan approved, United Capital Funding works significantly faster to get your approval.

Step 3: Get Funded Fast

Once your request is approved, you receive money from your invoices within a few days. You receive 80% of the invoice from UC Funding and then once the invoices are paid by the client, you receive the rest of the amount less the processing fees for our services. Some companies feel like taking out a loan is their only option, but, at United Capital Funding, our government invoice factoring services can make the difference for you.

How Government Invoice Factoring Can Help

Not only are our services quick and easy, there are huge advantages to your company. Sometimes during election years, government shutdowns, or policy changes, payments might be delayed. Government invoice factoring helps you avoid those pitfalls and allows you to turn your accounts receivable into working capital to be able to pay your employees and purchase items you need to keep your business afloat.

Let United Capital Funding Be Your Differentiating Factor

Contact us today to see how government invoice factoring can help your company. We will walk you through every step in the application process and get you working capital as soon as we can. To get started you can also contact our government invoice factoring specialists directly today at 877-894-8232.