Capital Funding From United Capital Funding

Looking for capital funding for your small business? Look to United Capital Funding! It’s an uncomplicated funding source that allows you to stay in control.

Capital Cities. Capital Letters. Capital Funding.

Business capital refers to the money a business requires to do its business. Whether its selling good or services, it takes capital to fulfill customers’ needs. For small business and those just starting, financial resources can seem difficult to come by. Capital is needed to fund employee payroll, inventory, equipment, and advertising.

You Need Capital To Start A New Business

There’s a timeline most people follow when starting a new business. You first have an idea of a product or service you’d like to sell. You might start by doing some work out of your home. After a few customers, you need more space, more inventory, or more resources. You might even need to hire employees. All of those take money. Which in this case, can be called capital. If you feel like your cash flow is low, look to your books. Are you waiting for clients to pay their bills? Then factoring could be the answer to your capital funding prayers.

Factoring For Capital Funding

How does factoring work? To define it succinctly, factoring is selling your accounts receivables. A factoring company—such as United Capital Funding—purchases your outstanding invoices. You’ll get up to 85% of their value right away. The factoring company then takes over the responsibility of getting them paid. Once they’re paid in full, you receive the balance minus a small service fee. It’s easier than a loan, and it doesn’t require you to forfeit any control.

How Companies Use Capital Funding

How you use your factoring depends on your industry and your specific needs. Capital funding can help you write paychecks, buy equipment, or advertise. Why choose factoring with United Capital Funding? To learn more, check out our testimonials. Over the decades, we’ve had thousands of successful funding partnerships. Here are what some of our client partners have said about working with us.

The CEO of a Texas security guard company said, “UCF is a great funding company. It understands the needs of their clients and always available to help. I have and will continue to recommend their services to others that I come into contact with.”

When asked about working with UC Funding, a government contractor in Virginia had lots to say. “Nothing but great things to say about your customer service and guidance throughout the process. You give us the confidence to go after more work opportunities and grow our business.”

The owner of a California transportation company said, “It was a simple application and a no-nonsense, straight-forward approach. They genuinely seemed eager to help.”

“It’s A Capital Idea!”

To learn more about factoring or ask some questions, contact us! You can apply online to start your process or call us at 877.894.8232. You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook to stay in-the-know on all things factoring.