Why Trust In United Capital For Your AR Factoring?

Deciding to get into factoring is one thing, but who to factor with is an entirely new decision! And, as with any company, you need to check out everything they offer. It’s almost like buying a new car—it’s an investment. Out of all the companies, why should you choose United Capital Funding to do your AR factoring—also known as accounts receivable? We know we offer more than other companies, but allow us to explain before you make your decision.

Choose A Well-Rounded Company

At UCF, we felt it necessary to be able to factor for many different types of industries. After all, it couldn’t help many businesses if we only help one industry. While we advertise our help to many industries such as staffing, IT, and manufacturing companies—there are many more that we are willing to help out. Because we’re such a well-rounded company, you can have confidence that we know our craft. Give us a call and ask if we are able to help your company out in your time of need.

Someone Fast… Who Doesn’t Lie About Cost Or Processes!

When you apply with United Capital Funding, AR factoring isn’t a whole ordeal. With UCF, pre-approval can happen within a business day and an innovative five-day fee schedule is in your future. With most other companies, the industry standard is 30 days, so you have less flexibility. With UCF you get two deposits – the advance is at least 80% of the invoice amount due and the reserve is the remaining percentage, less our fee. UCF also charges based on the funding date, unlike competitors who charge from the earlier invoice date.

Speaking of fees, we’re much cheaper than the others in our field. Other companies will charge you for the application, credit checking, account setup, lockbox, and so much more. Why? You won’t have to deal with unnecessary fees at United Capital Funding. With us, you’ll only come into contact with two types of fees: cost of the capital and a banking fee. AR factoring has never been so easy or so affordable.

Our Capital Is Insured

Unlike some other companies, we provide insured capital to our clients. We can do these things being a subsidiary of Gulf Coast Bank & Trust Company. So don’t worry about us or the amount on your accounts receivables. We’re here for you in your time of need.

Call United Capital And Start Your AR Factoring Today!

Ready to start factoring your accounts receivables? Fill out your application and get approval within 24 hours. Let’s get your money flowing again and get things on a roll. If you have any questions for our pros before we begin, please give us a call at 866.647.2680 or send us a message online. Don’t rely on subpar factoring companies, choose United Capital Funding and begin AR factoring with the best.