What To Expect From Accounts Receivable Funding Companies

No matter what size business you are, it’s hard to grow when you’re left waiting to get paid on your B2B and B2G accounts receivables. As a business owner, you often hear the words “accounts receivables” and “funding,” but not usually together. But what exactly are “accounts receivable funding companies?” And how can they help you? Forget about waiting on clients to pay you the money you’re owed! Contact United Capital Funding today to gain quicker access to the funds owed to you.

What Are Accounts Receivable Funding Companies?

As a business, you surely know what your accounts receivables are. They’re the invoices you’re waiting for your clients to pay. But it can often take a while for these to get paid off. This can cause a really slow growth pattern.

On the other hand, with the use of accounts receivable funding companies, you don’t have to worry about that anymore! You get your money sooner for faster, company-wide growth. Eliminate the slow, dated process of waiting weeks or months for payment today with UCF. However, what exactly is the process?

What Accounts Receivable Funding Companies Cover

The short version is: we help you access the capital owed to you. However, the process is a bit more in-depth than that.

  • It begins with any of your outstanding accounts receivable for your B2B or B2G business. Because of how long it can take to get that money to you, you’re restricted in what you can do and how you grow. So, that’s where we step in to help!
  • Once you send in your application, it’ll take a few days to get you onboarded as a client depending on the financial background of your company and any potential leins or lines of credit it has.
  • As a fullly onboarded client, you sell these receivables to us and we have 80-90% of your money to you right after verfication.
  • Once your client pays in full, you’ll receive the rest of your owed money, minus a small fee for using our services.

See? It’s a simple process. Apply today to reap the benefits.

The Advantage Of Accounts Receivable Funding

There are several surefire advantages to selling your accounts receivables. Do yourself a favor and utilize these competitive conveniences:

  • Choose your invoices: Choose which of your invoices you’d like to factor! Also, we want you to have control of your money, so there’s no minimum limit.
  • Fast Processing: Pre-approval can be completed within one business day. The whole funding process can take at least seven business days or more depending on the financial situation of your company and any leins that may need to be subordinated.

Why would you want to wait now? You deserve to get your money and grow your company. So contact UCF today!

Get In Touch With United Capital Funding

If you’re looking for a reliable accounts receiving funding company, look no further. United Capital Funding is ready to help you with any amount of money. Would you like a free consultation? Feel free to use our online form! Or you can call us at 866.647.2680. You deserve to get your money now, so why not sell your accounts receivables to us? Get help today!