UCF Principal Speaks at 2nd Annual Optimizing Global Factoring Products and Services Conference

(Saint Petersburg, FL) –  Mark S. Mandula, Managing Partner of United Capital Funding Corp, a Florida Commercial Accounts Receivable funding firm was an invited speaker at the 2nd Annual Optimizing Global Factoring Products and Services, held in Vienna, Austria May 14th and 15th, 2009. 

“I was honored to be able participate again in this important global Conference as a Speaker” commented Mandula. “As the only speaker invited from the United States, my presentation was a unique opportunity to educate other specialized Commercial Finance and Funding  firms from Asia, Europe and Africa about our industry in the United States, and how to more profitably utilize an Internet based marketing strategy to maximize future growth opportunities.”

The Conference, organized by Marcus Evans, in association with Codix Comarch among others, included leading Managing Directors, CEOs, Presidents, International Managers and Directors from Business Finance Companies, Factoring Companies, Banks, and Asset Based Financiers.

Financial service industry leaders from Austria, Italy, Turkey, Russia, France, Spain and Germany also made presentations at the Conference. Mandula’s presentation was entitled “Global Crisis Focus; Increasing Liquidity and promoting Standardization of Processes”  Mandula currently serves as Managing Director of United Capital Funding Corp.; a Florida based firm providing professional specialized funding for firms nationally utilizing Accounts Receivables as collateral.  

He has previously served as Executive Vice President and Principal in an Investment Banking firm that was involved in over 500 Merger & Acquisitions transactions in the Financial Services Industry. He has been an invited speaker for the American Bankers Association, Invited Lecturer for 7 years at the Bank Administration Institute Banking School, Independent Bankers Association of America National Conference, and also numerous corporate presentations, including IBM and others.

He has published or coauthored several books on Strategic Planning Process, and Valuation techniques.  He has also had articles published in Mergers and Acquisitions: The Journal of Corporate Venture; ABA Banking Journal, and has contributed over 40 Industry articles to several online and electronic publications including www.factorscan.com He has also spoken at Commercial Finance and Factoring Industry Conferences in San Francisco, Hong Kong, Madrid, Kuala Lumpur and Amsterdam. 

About United Capital Funding Corporation

United Capital Funding Corp. [www.ucfunding.com] is the leading professional Accounts Receivable funding, and AR management services based firm in the United States today. Established in 1997, United has successfully partnered with entrepreneurial firms with annual revenue from startup stage to over $50 Million. With clients in over 34 states, United possesses the financial resources to serve firms seeking to improve their cash flow and reduce costs.  United is headquartered in the Tampa Bay area, and also has regional offices in Nashville and Phoenix.  Additional information on the specialized business financial services provided by United, including factoring, Accounts Receivable management, and working capital are available online at their top rated Google website; www.ucfunding.com; via email at [email protected]; and by telephone (877) 894-8232.

United Capital Funding Corp. is the fiscally savvy option for healthy companies in the manufacturing, service, staffing, distribution, technology and professional services sectors looking to profit from the flexibility and speed of partnering with a privately held, well capitalized funding source.   A partnership with United means that the company gains monetary as well as back room efficiencies when competing in the current very challenging economic environment.