UCF Principal Invited Presentation at Global Industry Conference In Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Mark S. Mandula, Principal of United Capital Funding Corp recently spoke as an invited keynote Speaker at “Successfully Developing and Selling Factoring Products and Services” ; held at the SAS Radisson Hotel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, May 29/30th, 2008.

“We believe it is very important to make available to factoring firms like ours globally some of the marketing tools we have found successful in the United States,” commented Mandula. “As the only speaker invited from the United States at the Conference, my presentation was a unique opportunity to educate other industry CEO from firms based in Asia, Africa, Australia and Europe about the Accounts Receivable factoring and management industry in the United States, and how to profitably market factoring services in an ever changing environment.”

As the Conference organizers Marcus Evans noted, “The factoring industry has grown steadily in the last few years. In spite of this rapid expansion, there are still unexploited areas for further growth. Particularly, future business lies in developing innovative paperless products, adopting well established asset based lending solutions from the Anglo-Saxon markets and increasing Internet imbedded electronic and reserve factoring product offerings.”

The Global Conference, organized by Marcus Evans (Czech Republic) Ltd., included leading managing directors, CEOs, Presidents, International Managers and Directors from Business Finance Companies, Factoring Companies, Banks, Accountancy Firm and Intermediaries, Corporate Recovery Advisors, Law Firms and Asset Based Financiers.

Mandula’s presentation was entitled “Profitable Marketing of Factoring Services in an ever Changing Environment. Other speakers and attendees included global leaders from India, United Kingdom, Belgium, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine, and United Arab Emirates. 

Mandula currently serves as a Managing Director and Principal of United Capital Funding Corp.; a Florida based firm providing professional specialized funding for firms nationally utilizing Accounts Receivables as collateral, otherwise commonly known as factoring.  United Capital Funding Corp. also provides Accounts Receivable management services to clients ranging from “start ups” to well established, rapidly growing entities.

Mandula was instrumental in the firm being awarded the Small Business of the Year Awards, based on seven criteria established by the United States Small Business Administration [SBA]. Clients of  United Capital Funding Corp. now currently located in 34 states include manufacturing, distribution, service, staffing, retail and technology sectors firms.

He has previously served as Executive Vice President and Principal in an Investment Banking firm that was involved in over 500 Merger & Acquisitions transactions in the Financial Services Industry. He has been an invited speaker at the American Bankers Association National Convention, Invited Lecturer for 7 years at the Bank Administration Institute National Banking School, Independent Bankers Association of America National Conference, and also numerous corporate presentations, including IBM and others.

He has had published in print/online over 100 articles in the Small Business Management, factoring, Accounts Receivable management disciplines, and most recently has had 21 articles on “Winning Business in Invoice Finance” published on www.factorscan.com

He has published or coauthored several books on Strategic Planning Process, and Valuation techniques in the M&A process. He has also had articles published in Mergers and Acquisitions: The Journal of Corporate Venture; ABA Banking Journal and other financial industry publications. He was also an invited presenter at BCR’s International Factoring Conferences in Hong Kong [2005], Madrid, Spain [2006] and Shanghai [2007]. He was also a presenter/moderator on the Invoice Funding and Factoring Industry at the American Cash Flow Annual Conference, San Francisco.  He can be reached via email at: mark@ucfunding.com, telephone at (877) 894-8232 or online at www.ucfunding.com