UCF continue to lead in funding 10 Industries projected to add most jobs in the next 10 years

Saint Petersburg, Florida, December 15, 2009 – United Capital Funding Corp, the leading provider of professional Accounts Receivable based funding and credit management solutions in the United States is also a leader in providing working capital to businesses in the industries projected to generate the highest number of new jobs over the next 10 years.

“We just recently completed a detailed analysis of our funding portfolio, and as of yearend 2009, over 72% of our current clients are in sectors represented in the top 10 industry list for job creation over the next 10 years. This focus by our firm on fast growing targeted industries will remain our focus over the next decade,” said Mark Mandula, Managing Partner of United Capital. “We are committed to continue to invest our capital conservatively with entrepreneurial firms focused in the services, especially those in the professional and health care sectors.”

Mandula also noted “What is perhaps the most startling of these projections is that almost all [96%] of the projected new jobs created over the next 10 years will be created by service industries.” Listed below are the details on what the job market could look like around the year 2020. The Bureau of Labor data below projects the total job changes that could occur in the period 2008 to 2018.

Top Ten Industries projected to add jobs in the next 10 Years

10. Full-service restaurants. Total job change +343,000. This increase is about 8% more than the total number of jobs in the industry in 2008, 4,598,000.

9. Nursing-care facilities. Total job change +394,000. This represents a significant increase of about 24% over the ten year period.  Over 2 Million people are projected to be working in the nursing care facility industry by 2018.

8. Services for the elderly and persons with disabilities. Total job change: +431,000. This is an increase of 74%, a huge jump. In 2008, according to government data, 585,000 people were employed in this industry. By 2018, it is projected to almost double in size to over 1Million people.

7. Home health care services. Total job change +441,000. Like #8, this sector is projected to grow rapidly over the next 10 years. A 46% increase is projected, resulting in almost 1.4 Million employees working in home health care by the year 2018.

6. Local government (excludes education and hospitals). Total job change +487,000. Government jobs are projected to increase about 8% over the 10 year period. The government is by far the largest employer in the list, accounting for over 5.8 Million jobs in local government in 2008.

5. Employment services. Total job change +600,000. As the job market structure continues to change dramatically, it is no surprise that employment related service jobs will grow and be in demand. This predicted increase of 600,000 is about a 20% increase over the 10 year period.

4. Other general merchandise stores. Total job change +607,000. Even with the exponential growth of the Internet and online shopping options, there is projected to be significant growth in the merchandising industry. Projected employment is expected to exceed 2 Million workers by 2018, an increase of 40% from 2009 levels.

3. Computer systems design and related services. Total job change +656,000. As more and more businesses utilize the Internet, online applications and computer technology in general, the demand for professionals in the computer systems design and related service is projected to explode. According to the Bureau, this sector will record an increase in employment of over 45% in the next 10 years, to a total of about 1.5 Million.

2. Offices of physicians. Total job change +772,000. Even with significant changes on the horizon in the Health Care industry, job creation is projected to remain very strong over the next 10 years. The report projects a total of over 3 Million will work in this industry by 2018, or an increase of 34%.

1. Management, scientific and technical consulting services. Total job change +835,000. The largest single increase, both in percentage and in the total number of new jobs is in the category entitled, “Management, scientific and technical consulting services.” The numbers of jobs projected to be created in this sector are over 800,000, representing an increase of 82% in the period.

United recently reached a milestone in December 2009 when it announced that it has reached $1 Billion in client funding since its’ formation in 1997.  United Capital has been able to support this growth, due to support from key partners such as First Tennessee Bank, Memphis, Tennessee. In addition, United Capital’s state of the art online tools allow clients to access information securely via the Internet, which has contributed to the significant expansion at United. Clients are able to access critical information to allow them to more profitably manage their businesses at United’s top rated Google website, www.ucfunding.com

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