CASE STUDY: Tech Government Contractor Secures New Capital Provider to Fuel Growth

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Credit facility limit:

General description:

Interactive tech support (staffing and personnel)

State of formation:


Customer type:

Military government offices and major electronic equipment and software companies


Having recently undergone acquisition by a larger corporation, this California-based tech company specializes in developing interactive electronic tech support and crafting tech manuals crucial for supporting business and government operations.
Despite a strong inclination towards their existing accounts receivable financing provider, the provider’s reluctance to extend credit without a binding two-year contract posed a significant hurdle. Additionally, the provider’s inability to adjust to the company’s growing needs by qualifying certain customers prompted the tech company to explore new avenues to fuel their growth and operations.

Proposed Solutions

United Capital Funding (“UCF”) proposed an asset-based, accounts receivable factoring facility; which delivered a highly flexible working capital structure that is sufficient and elastic enough to grow along with their current increasing customer demand. Through this form of financing, the company was able to:

  • Secure an adequate credit facility collateralized by their accounts receivable; then they could have otherwise achieved by leveraging their current balance sheet under a traditional revolving line of credit.
  • Increase liquidity to support customer demand without raising additional dilutive equity capital.
  • Expand at an integral part of the company’s life cycle without restrictive covenants.
  • Reduce senior management’s time and energy on cash flow management and therefore, allowing greater attention on growing revenues and ensuring customer satisfaction.


The company accepted UCF’s proposed terms and was successfully underwritten and approved. Due to the effect of scaling the enterprise; our working capital solution is fueling their increased presence in the government contracting and commercial space. By working with UCF, our customers almost always gain the additional working capital necessary to support continued growth and seek additional business in new verticals and markets

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