Stop Waiting On The Government To Pay Your Invoices

Working with the government is good business. You know the money is coming and it’s a steady stream of work. However, your company spends weeks or months waiting on a paycheck that you earned a while ago. For some, that income is necessary to keep the lights on, let alone keep employees paid. There is a way to get a majority of this money within a week. Government invoice factoring is used by companies all over the nation—join an invoice factoring firm today and get fast access to that capital.

What Month Is It Again?

The unfortunate truth about waiting on the government to pay your invoices is that the money might not come for several months. It’s good to know you’ll get that money in the future, but a slip of paper won’t keep your lights on. Choosing government invoice factoring for your company could not only save your company, but grow your business.

A Quick Run Down

The factoring process is simple and is the same no matter the industry. Despite going by many names—AR factoring, financing, invoice factoring—the preparation doesn’t change. And it’s easy when you apply with a top-of-the-line factoring company like ours.

  • Begin your application. Preapproval for this takes about one business day.
  • Provide a copy of the government invoice to us.
  • We use this copy as a record and get at least 80% of your cash to you.
  • Acting as your accounts receivables department, we service the invoice and your client pays us.
  • Once your client pays 100% of the invoice to our secure lockbox facility, you receive the remainder of your cash—minus our service fee.

It’s straightforward, easy to follow, and the first three steps usually happen within a week. And just because you’re not in bad financial standing, that doesn’t mean you can’t use government invoice factoring. In fact, most of our clients are well off financially. So pay your bills today and prepare for the unknown tomorrow when you choose to factor with us.

UCF Stands Out So You Can Breathe Easy

Not all factoring companies can take government financing under their belt. Because once your company chooses to factor, the factoring company is now waiting on that payment instead. Many companies are uneasy with this extended wait period, but not United Capital Funding!

That’s because UCF is a subsidiary of Gulf Coast Bank & Trust Company. Being a part of this bank enables us to provide insured capital. So don’t worry about struggling to pay your bills, go through government invoice factoring with us and see how your company can grow faster.

Government Invoice Factoring Made Easy

Ready to get your money sooner rather than later? Apply with UCF today and begin the factoring process. If you have any questions before you begin, please call us at 866.647.2680 or get a quick quote online. We look forward to hearing from you. Let’s work together for a better future for your business.