Small Business Factoring: How It Works & Why You Need It

Small Business Struggles

Small businesses have struggles, it’s the nature of the beast. Around 80% make it past the first year, but only about 50% make it past the five year mark according to the US Small Business Administration. So, what is it that takes a small business down? Often, they do good service or put out a great product, but they’re unprepared for the ebbs and flows of their invoices.

This is a common problem and one that could perplex even the most sophisticated businessmen. So, don’t let it weigh you down. There are ways around this, though. One of them is to give yourself working capital–room to breath regardless of the invoice and payroll fluctuations that sink so many companies.

Small Business Factoring: How It Works

Factoring is the process of selling your invoices to a company like United Capital Funding in order to get up to 80% of their value almost immediately. This gives companies, especially small businesses, the flexibility they need in order to thrive. That means no more worrying about whether you’ll make payroll or whether you can afford to cover the next time equipment breaks down. If you have invoices in-hand, we can help.

Why You Need It

Maybe you don’t. If you’re getting paid on all your invoices, in a reasonable amount of time, and it isn’t constraining how you run your business, then this may not be a service you need. But, if you’ve ever experienced pain from an unfulfilled invoice, then small business factoring could likely help you more than you think. Contact us today!

Our entire process is focused on getting you the money you need to be flexible sooner rather than later. That means we work quickly and that’s in the interest of everyone involved.

Can My Company Benefit?

Likely, yes. But, there are a few companies for whom small business factoring seems to work more than other. This includes:

These are far from the only industries, obviously. But, if your business is in one of these fields and you’re here looking for information on factoring or invoice selling, then you should get in contact with us. We’re happy to point you in the right direction, even if we’re not the right partner for you.