Selling Receivables Is Great For Your Business

Starting, maintaining, and growing a business is hard work. It can be even harder when you’re left waiting for months for the money you’re owed. Time is money, so what are you meant to do? United Capital Funding firmly believes that selling receivables helps your business tremendously.

But where do you start? Where’s the benefit? We understand your concerns. Business decisions concerning your money can be scary. However, it’s a rather simple process. Let’s break it down for you.

What Are Accounts Receivables?

With business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-government (B2G) dealings, it often takes a while to get your money. These outstanding invoices that you’re waiting on are called “accounts receivables.” And waiting can be so frustrating! It’s your money that you’re owed, why should you have to wait for it? But wait! You have another option!

Selling Receivables And Why It Works

Selling receivables allows you to access your money sooner rather than later. Make the choice to sell these invoices to a third-party commercial finance company. Not only does this give you your money sooner, but also gives you more freedom. Freedom for what? Growing your business of course! Instead of waiting weeks—or even months—for your money, your growth can happen faster. After all, time is money.

By selling your accounts receivables to UCF you’ll have most of your money within a matter of days. It almost seems too good to be true—but believe it!

Using UC Funding

United Capital Funding is a third-party commercial finance company. Using us ensures you get your money fast, instead of waiting on your clients for months.

Since UCF isn’t a bank, you won’t have to fill out tons of forms in our process. It’s only three steps! Also, there’s no need to worry about any confusion. Additionally, there’s no monthly minimum requirement, so you can finance with us as you see fit.

UCF prides ourselves on our transparency. You’ll never encounter a surprise or added fee. This is on top of our rates being much lower than the competition as well. Using UCF, you know you’re getting more even though you’re spending less!

What Happens

Within days of applying, you’ll be paid about 80% of the value of your accounts receivables. Once the customer pays the invoice, we’ll pay you the balance, minus a small service fee. There are no loans and no interest, so no headaches for you later!

Trust UCF

United Capital Funding is a leading provider of working capital finance. Our B2B and B2G clients can flourish when they decide to sell their accounts receivables. To begin your journey with UCF, get a Free Consultation now or call us at (877) 894-8232. UCF has been a leading provider of working capital finance in the U.S. for over twenty years—we want to continue helping businesses like yours for another twenty and more!