Florida-based commercial finance firm unveils innovative platform

The platform allows clients of United Capital Funding to interact with their invoices in a new way

TAMPA, Fla (June 3, 2019) – Commercial finance firm, United Capital Funding, unveiled a new reporting platform this month to its clients. The reporting platform, Cadence, is the latest addition of cutting-edge features that mark the finance firm’s continued commitment to client-centric offerings.

Cadence allows its users to view invoice statistics by the minute. Users can view financial information on demand, import and export accounts receivable data at their convenience and better understand the status and inner workings of their invoices.

“We wanted to upgrade our service offering so our clients will have access to their invoice information at any time of the day,” said Mark Mandula, chief marketing officer of the firm. “So often, we hear stories of factoring firms that don’t communicate with its clients. A business owner deserves to know every detail of their accounts receivables and that’s what we’re giving our clients.”

New features on the platform are scheduled to debut in the coming months.


About United Capital Funding Group, LLC.

United Capital Funding Group, LLC. (UCF) is one of the nation’s leading providers of working capital finance, having successfully provided collateral from most Fortune 500 companies.

For more than 20 years, UCF has offered professional B2B and B2G funding through accounts receivable financing, credit insurance coverage and efficient accounts receivable management.

UCF has headquarters in Florida with offices in Tennessee and Illinois. UCF is a subsidiary of Gulf Coast Bank & Trust Company, an FDIC-insured commercial bank. For more information, please visit our website at www.ucfunding.com.