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The definition of a service business hasn’t changed over the years, but the services offered certainly have. Originally a service business may have been an HVAC company, a plumbing company or perhaps even a business consultant, but it was a specialized business providing a service for another business. Even our service business factoring is a service business, which puts our company in the same category as yours. Service business factoring does not have to be an utter mystery, we can clarify what it means and how it works.

The Scope and Challenges of the Service Industry

Today, the scope of service businesses has really changed. It now includes a wide range of companies including fleet maintenance companies, IT support services and even companies providing catering or janitorial services.

The nature of a service business makes it a very good match for many entrepreneurs. There is a limited cost to starting up the company as equipment, supplies and materials are typically low, while expertise and experience requirements are high.

Often service companies, at least when providing business-to-business services, bill on a 30-day term, with some companies perhaps offering select customers 60 or 90-day terms. It may also be possible for a service company to have a government or private contract that may include similar extended terms for payment.

The experts at United Capital Funding understand how valuable these service contracts are to your business, as well as how important it is to offer those 30, 60 or 90-day terms. However, we also understand how this can put your business in a difficult cash flow situation until those payments arrive.

To complicate the situation, we also understand that not all of your customers are going to pay on time. This means valuable additional time spent in sending notifications or following-up in person with customers by phone.

Finally, if this doesn’t work, we also know the frustration of then having to deal with a collection agency. Not only do you end up with very little on the dollar, but you also end up with a very unhappy client, even though you did absolutely nothing wrong and they are the ones that didn’t honor the agreement.

The United Capital Funding Difference

Through our service business factoring program, your business can choose to factor some or all of your accounts receivables. You don’t have to wait to apply, as long as the work has been completed and invoice provided to the customer, we can process your application. We even work with start up companies.

We are a factoring service with a focus on customer care and support. We want you to be comfortable, informed and educated about the process, and our factoring experts will always take the time to answer your questions and make sure you are fully aware of your options.

  • The process is very simple. As the service company owner all you will need to do is:
  • Provide a service to a business or government agency and then generate an invoice for the total amount of the service provided.
  • Send the invoice to your customer including the specific information about the agreed upon payment terms.
  • Contact the expert service business factoring staff at United Capital Funding by phone or complete the simple online application on the website.
  • Wait 24 hours or less for approval.
  • In just days, the funding agreed upon will be wired directly to the business account you provide, giving you advanced access to the cash you are owned by your customer.

Remember, this is not a loan, but rather it is an advance on pending payment by your customer. As it is not a loan, there is no repayment and no interest.

Service Industry Invoice Factoring: What Is Involved?

We will monitor and manage the accounts receivables we hold. This means we will work with your customers to receive payment and close the invoice.

Once your customer has paid the account in full, we deduct your fees from the 20% of the invoice value we hold. We will then forward to your bank account the residual amount, which closes this transaction.

The nature of service business factoring means that you can repeat the factoring if and when you need. We don’t require any long-term contract, which means there are no minimum volume amounts over a long duration.

It is very common to have questions about how service factoring will work for your business, just give us a call 877-894-8232 and we would be happy to make sure you get the information needed specific to your business and financing requirements.

Get Cash Quickly With United Capital Funding


The financial experts at United Capital Funding have helped service sector businesses grow for almost two decades. Because we are able to provide services that traditional lenders can’t, we make it easier for you to get the funding that you need to run your service business. We help:

• Established businesses
• 8 (a) minority owned businesses
• Startups
• Businesses that are not performing like they should

Use the funding that we provide to:

Hire new employees
Make payroll
Pay suppliers

We don’t charge any application, set up, or closing fees and it only takes a minute to apply for our professional services. This simple step can help you get the funding you need for your service business in just a few days.

The kinds of service businesses that we factor include:

    • Auto reconditioning
    • Travel industry marketing services
    • Courier services
    • Computer consulting
    • Engineering consulting
    • Fitness equipment service and consulting
    • Transportation
    • Equipment rental
    • Healthcare consulting
    • Project management
    • Installation, inspection & maintenance
    • Hauling services
    • Janitorial services
    • Semi-trucks and trailer repair services
    • Language services—both interpreting and translating
    • IT Consultant
    • Property maintenance and cleaning
    • Lawn maintenance
    • Material testing
    • Patrol car security services
    • Security
    • Software consulting
    • Unarmed security guard
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