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Security Guard Factoring

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Protection is what all security companies are about, but how much protection do you have when it comes to addressing possible cash flow deficits? Many security guard companies are lucrative businesses, but the very nature of the industry makes them highly unlikely to qualify for traditional types of business loans since their employees are their biggest business asset.

Security Guard Invoice Factoring

This is where United Capital Funding's factoring services can be used to smooth out cash flow peaks and valleys. Like any type of staffing company, security companies have additional funding needs, and we are here to provide that funding by factoring your open accounts receivables (invoices). Security guard invoice factoring is a funding method that can give your company the breathing room it needs to grow and meet payroll in a timely fashion.


Unlike some factoring companies, we understand you may not need our services every month. This is why we don’t require any long-term contract. Instead, we work with you on a month-to-month basis. We also don’t have any monthly minimum volume requirements, and we have the ability to factor up to $5 million in monthly revenue.

Even though we have the highest customer ratings, we don’t charge a termination fee if you wish to stop using our services. Many security companies find that once they have multiple contracts with different payment dates, cash flow tends to even out and that allows the company to have the funds they need without factoring.

No Debt

Unlike a business loan or some type of high-interest financing option from a non-traditional lender, factoring doesn’t result in any debt of the company. This is because the funding is provided as an advance on work already completed.

As the factor, we will purchase your accounts receivables (invoices), and assume the responsibility of collecting from the businesses/entities you have provided services to. We advance about 80% of the accounts receivable and reserve 20%. This advance will happen in just days once you're brought on as a client.

Once your customer sends the full payment of the invoice to us, we will deduct our agreed-upon fees and deposit the remaining amount into your business account.

As this is not a loan, and you are not borrowing money on future security guard services, there is no risk for your business. Additionally, there is no repayment plan to schedule, and there is never any interest on the amount you are funded.

Keep in mind, this will also make bookkeeping for the business a lot easier. Should you choose to sell your business or bring in investors, your business will be debt-free by using factoring, whereas with a traditional loan that will be reflected on the books as well as profit and loss statements.

Issues with Credit

We understand that sometimes in the challenging world of security, companies have times when they have made late payments, and this may impact their credit score.

We don’t review your company score as part of the application process. Instead, we spend our time completing due diligence on your customers, as these will be the businesses we will be working with to close the invoices you factor through United Capital Funding.

As a truly national factor, we can effectively review the creditworthiness of your customers, allowing us to approve your application and generate an agreement within 48 hours. We're extremely comfortable with every aspect of security guard invoice factoring.

On Your Side

As a factoring company, we see our services as a partnership between your security guard business and our company. In our role as your factor, we will manage the invoices we hold, freeing up your staff.

Let the experts at United Capital Funding help you get started with your application today. Call us at 877-894-8232 or apply online at no cost to start accessing the funds you need.

What Makes Us Different

For the past two decades, we have provided working capital to security guard staffing businesses and other clients. We help companies like yours quickly turn aging invoices into cash and help you grow your security guard staffing business.

Instead of waiting up to 90 days to get paid by your corporate and government clients, you sell us your invoices and we provide you immediate funding. We advance you up to 80% of the invoice amount and hold the balance in reserve. When we collect the full balance of the invoice from your customer we return the reserve balance to you, minus a small fee for our services. It’s that simple!

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