Factoring Finance Saves Businesses?

Who would have thought you’d be struggling to pay your workers even though business is booming? It’s actually a common problem many have when their revenue comes from accounts receivables. Your client’s check is coming months from now, but your employees need their money now!

You don’t have to play the waiting game forever when you choose to factor your finances with us. United Capital Funding can help you balance your expenses through factoring finance.

How Does Factoring Finance Work?

A decision like this can seem daunting when you’re not sure how it all works. However, factoring is a simple process that can be explained with just four steps:

  • A copy of your invoice is provided to our specialists and they work to verify your invoice.
  • We pay you at least 80% of the invoice amounts directly to your account. No more waiting!
  • We then act as your accounts receivables department and service the invoice to make sure it’s paid.
  • Once your client pays the full invoice amount that’s due, we pay you the remaining percentage of the invoice amount, minus a small service fee.

It’s really that easy! Additionally, you don’t have to use our services every month. We’re ready to give you a custom user experience.

Factoring Finance For Various Industries

At UCF we believe a reliable company is a jack of all trades. We’re proud to work in so many fields. Currently, we provide expert-level work in these industries:

  • Staffing: These companies are very specific when it comes to how they work. But our specialists understand that sometimes the money coming in is less than what’s going out. Let us help you even that out.
  • Government Invoice: Government contracts often require spending money before acquiring money. Get paid sooner by factoring and avoid the anxiety of waiting.
  • Service Business: Often B2Bs, payment usually comes in a month or two, but you need to pay employees now! Factoring finance will help you get the cash flowing sooner rather than later.
  • Manufacturing: The nature of manufacturing can sometimes be its own downfall. Producing goods and products and receiving payment months later leaves little room for growth. But if you factor your accounts receivables, you can get your cash much sooner.
  • Information Technology (IT): With our expertise, our staff is able to create custom agreements for all customers.
  • Security Guard: Factoring your open accounts receivables will help smooth over any possible cash flow deficits. You won’t have to choose between funding growth or meeting payroll anymore.

At UCF, we manage more than most because we care. No matter the field, we’re ready to help customize a plan that works best for you and your clients. Choose UC Funding today and let’s grow together.

Choose Factoring Your Finances And Grow Today!

UCF knows that running a business is difficult, but that doesn’t mean you should wait on the money you deserve. Apply today at UCF and get started on stabilizing and growing your company. Want to know some more beforehand? Grab a free consultation from us! If you have any questions for us, don’t be afraid to shoot them our way. Use our contact page or call (866) 647-2680. We can’t wait to help you factor your finances and get your company back on track.