CASE STUDY: Pandemic-driven car sales cause growth issues for this company

Our account executive is just the bomb and has been absolutely wonderful with everything. She has completely made a very scary process so comfortable and easy to work with every week. We have a system going, and it works great.”

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General description:
Automotive reconditioning

Company structure:

State of formation:

Year of formation:

Customer type:
Auto dealerships


Pandemic-driven car sales increased the demand for this company’s services, leading to hyper growth.

Proposed Solutions

United Capital Funding proposed its factoring services to alleviate the road rash associated with hyper growth. Factoring would provide the following benefits:

  • Advance on the invoice amount (typically 80% of the invoice value)
  • Comprehensive accounts receivable management and maintenance of payment recovery and outstanding invoices.
  • Credit investigation of future customers
  • Online reporting available through CADENCE


The company accepted the proposal and was approved for factoring with United Capital Funding. Using the liquid capital that United Capital Funding provided from its invoices, the company is able to meet growing demand for its automotive reconditioning services.

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