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March 17, 2020

From Mark Mandula: Thoughts on the COVID-19 Pandemic Part II

As the sun rises today, we awaken to the reality of the financial power COVID-19 has on our financial markets in the United States. Even after a series of unprecedented financial moves by the Federal Reserve to help mitigate some of the financial fallout from the virus, all major stock indices recorded significant losses yesterday. And it appears that, absent some miracle occurring, short term prospects for the markets in the United States are not promising.

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bank loan vs factoring

March 13, 2020

Bank Loan vs Invoice Factoring

Entrepreneurs commonly ask us how invoice factoring differs from a traditional bank loan. We understand the language and benefits can seem tricky so the team at United Capital Funding (UCF) is here to help you better understand the differences.

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factoring industry today

February 26, 2020

The Factoring Industry Today

The factoring industry in 2020 is diverse and exciting in its offerings. Factoring or invoice factoring is a very simple process. It can be defined easily as the conversion of unpaid invoices into working capital. There has never been a better time in history to capitalize on factoring services like the ones we offer at United Capital Funding. 

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staffing with factoring

January 20, 2020

Staffing With Factoring In 2020

It’s a new year and so it’s time to beef up your staff. You have your company right where you want it, but you need the talent to facilitate continued growth. Unfortunately for you, there are some outstanding invoices from clients still pending. So, what do you do? The answer is very simple. Utilize our staffing factoring services at United Capital Funding.

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common financial mistakes

January 10, 2020

5 Common Financial Mistakes

Being in this business for so long, we’ve seen our fair share of financial slip-ups and mistakes. Of course, every business owner makes mistakes here and there, but some mistakes can be devastating if you’re not careful. Take charge to prevent financial disasters before they happen to your business. Get the help you need from our accounts receivable funding company.

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Trust UCF for AR Factoring

December 30, 2019

Why Trust In United Capital For Your AR Factoring?

Deciding to get into factoring is one thing, but who to factor with is an entirely new decision! And, as with any company, you need to check out everything they offer. It’s almost like buying a new car—it’s an investment. Out of all the companies, why should you choose United Capital Funding to do your AR factoring—also known as accounts receivable? We know we offer more than other companies, but allow us to explain before you make your decision.

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