5 Reasons Your Small Business Needs Invoice Factoring

Small Businesses With Big Dreams

As a small business owner, you face dozens—if not hundreds!—of challenges and decisions every day. Taking advantage of growth opportunities feels impossible without the funding to support it. You know and appreciate the saying “you have to spend money to make money.” But you can’t even spend your own money because it’s tied up in accounts receivables! What’s a small business owner to do?

Reach Your Goals with Invoice Factoring

Invoice factoring companies are third-party, commercial finance business who purchase your unpaid invoices. In a matter of days, you can have up to 90% of this previously captive capital—to put to work—at no risk for you. You are your business’s hero and have more important things to do than fuss over invoices. Let someone else take on the drudgery so you can focus on your passion.

1. Build Your Brand

Good designers and websites don’t come cheap. It’s tempting to settle for student work or a Photoshop-loving friend. But why entrust your company’s heart and soul to an amateur? Instead, transfer your accounts receivables and hire the best to brand your business.

2. Advertise To Your Advantage

Maybe you already have a logo you love—you just need to show it off! Free up some cash to run a digital campaign online, get ads in an industry publication, or film a commercial and pay for airtime. Outshine your competition with some strategic and effective marketing.

3. Increase Your Inventory

Is your busy season coming up? It’s frustrating to know you could sell more if you could only buy more inventory and supplies! Sell off your accounts receivables to fill up your stockroom and take advantage.

4. Equip Yourself Effectively

Do you need more equipment, machinery, or vehicles? Transfer your accounts receivables instead of taking a loan. You’ll be able to confidently invest in your business without worrying about crazy interest rates.  

5. Honor Your Help

Are you blessed with fantastic employees? Show them your appreciation with training, raises, or incentives. Investing in your employees increases productivity and retention while saving time and money. This means your profits increase as well! Make it happen with factoring.

UC Funding: Your Partner in Growth

Above all, you as a small business owner need trustworthy partners. For more than 20 years, United Capital Funding has successfully assisted with the B2B and B2G invoice factoring of nearly every U.S. business leader. Contact us for more information on how we can guide you towards success.