Loan app process leaving you with a headache?

Loan or line applications with a bank can leave you feeling exhausted, frustrated, and deflated.  Have you tried to secure a line of credit recently? 

If so, take a closer look at balancing cash flow and securing additional capital for your business via Accounts Receivable Financing and Management.  

Mark Mandula, a fellow Buckeye (O-H-I-O), recently wrote this piece comparing a factoring facility to a traditional loan.  The comparison will surprise you…  

– no personal guarantees required

– no annual renewal process or lengthy underwriting requirements

– credit limits based on your receivables not DSC Ratios

– no non usage fees, annual fees, or term limits

When you compare the two facilities, receivable financing with a firm like Capital-Plus is an obvious choice for a growth focused business who values flexibility, convenience, service, and support.  When utilized properly, receivable management is a phenomenal approach to fueling organic growth. 

Read his full article here and email with any questions.