Broker Resources

As a broker for United Capital Funding, you have access to several high-quality resources to help your clients meet their funding needs.

Learning about United Capital Funding

STEPS TO FACTORING: The five-step process to factoring and how your prospect's invoices and capital would be handled as a client of United Capital Funding

CORPORATE OVERVIEW:  Client and corporate references for our firm as well as a list of our advantages, frequently asked questions (FAQs) and a reference guide of our team.

Applying for our services

ONLINE APPLICATION: If your prospect is ready to apply, please use this link to our secure online application. Please advise your prospect to put your name under the 'Where did you hear about us?' question:

PDF APPLICATION: As a resource second to our secure and sophisticated online application, the PDF application is the printable version of our application. If your prospect chooses to use this version of our application, please advise them to put your name under the 'Where did you hear about us?' question and have the completed application sent to your contact at our firm or to 

CREDIT AUTHORIZATION: If your prospect's company has more than one owner that holds 20% or more ownership of the company, they are required to submit a credit authorization form. Our team can not issue preapproval without this authorization form.

Onboarding resources

APPROVAL PROCESS: The procedure your prospect will experience before they become a client - from the time our onboarding team receives their application to the moment they receive working capital to their account. 

DOCUMENTATION REQUEST: A checklist of documents your prospect will need to prepare and have ready during the onboarding process.

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